What is MutGenie?
We launched our first website MUTGENIE in 2015. It was a huge with MADDEN players. We've now partnered with the biggest MUT Coins selling sites, and some of the most known MUT Youtubers to bring you the experience of MUTGENIE.

Here's a quick tour of our features:

Sports Betting
Like a sportsbook, we offer sports bets. However, instead of using real money, you can use MUT Coins. The MUT Coins you win on bets you can withdraw into your Madden account, or keep then in your MUTGENINE account. We offer bets on a huge amount of fixtures, and games, go have a look!

Open Packs
Always a fan favourite - Open a pack on MUTGENIE, and each player will be given a price based on the current MUT Auction house prices. Instead of being given the player, you'll be given the player's value in coins. This will automatically add to your balance after your balance after you open a pack.

But why open packs with MUTGENIE instead of in the game? Simple, our packs coin for coin give you much better return than in-game. Not only that but all promos are available in our packs year-round.

Genie Lottery
The Genie Lottery - Win big with super small stakes! A daily draw for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Each ticket costs 5K and you can buy as many as you wish. Coins you win can be withdraw straight into your Madden account.

MUT Slotter & MUT Spinner
MUT Slotter and Spinner are both fun, interactive mini games which allow you to stake your MUT Coins to instantly win upto 5 x your stake on MUT Spinner, and 10 x your coins on MUT Slotter.

Is MUTGENIE Reliable
Yes, we’re partnered with the biggest MUT Coins sites, and have been trading as a company for over 5 years. Check out all of the YouTubers that have made a video on MUTGenie Here. If that isn’t enough, then feel safe in knowing that thousands of people use us regularly, see our Twitter @MUTGENIEcom to see what everyone’s saying!

How do I know you are a legitimate service?
We’re owned by a company that has been running different online gaming companies since 2010. We have received thousands of orders and are advertised by many known youtubers, so you know you can trust us in providing you with the best service possible.

Here is a list of MUTGENIE videos promoted by Youtubers:

What payment methods do you provide?
The best thing about MUTGENIE is that it requires no cash - It is absolutely FREE to use our website! Simply head over to “Deposit coins” and select how much.

How to contact MutGenie?
You can contact us via email here or via twitter @MUTGENIEcom

For full terms and conditions on all our games please visit this page.