Betting Terms & Conditions

By placing any bets on, you are agreeing to comply and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.

1.1. Customers can only bet up to the amount held within their Account or allowed by their bank or the limit as set out in the Betting Rules, whichever is the lesser. The minimum and maximum Bet per selection is determined exclusively by MutGenie and is detailed on screen or will be communicated by the telephone operator, where relevant.

1.2. MutGenie reserves the right to accept or decline the whole or part of any proposed Bet.

1.3. Bets placed by credit/debit card or any other means do not become valid until we have received payment or unless, at our discretion, we allow the Bet subject to authorisation. If payment has not been received before an event commences, then that Bet is automatically void unless we communicate otherwise to you at the time of the attempted placing of the Bet.

1.4. Each Bet will be given an individual number as confirmation of the Bet. Bets will be valid (subject to meeting the criteria for placing a Bet laid down in the Terms of Use) if accepted by the MutGenie Server, whether or not the customer receives the Bet code. We are not liable for the settlement of any Bets where we have not issued a written confirmation of acceptance of the Bet or where we are unable to display that Bet in the ‘My Account’ pages of the Websites. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the details of their Bets are correct. Once a Bet has been confirmed by MutGenie, that Bet cannot be cancelled by the customer. If you have any concern as to whether your Bet has been accepted, please log in and go to the ‘My Account’ pages of the Websites where details of all live Bets entered into by you will be displayed.

1.5. You must exercise your own judgement in placing a Bet and you hereby confirm that you have not relied on the advice of any MutGenie employee relating to any Bet.

1.6. You agree to pay us for all Bets that are placed with us using your Account.

1.7. Please familiarise yourself with betting and gaming terminology and how the various bets and games are operated. If you have any queries relating to the foregoing, please contact us. MutGenie cannot accept any responsibility if you place a Bet in circumstances where you do not fully understand any of the terms involved or how the bet or game is operated.

1.8. Guaranteed prices and other special offers or promotions are available at the discretion of MutGenie and can be restricted on an individual Account basis at any time.

1.9. MutGenie is not responsible for any taxes that may be payable by you whether on any Bets, on any winnings or otherwise.

1.10. With the exception of "Live Betting" events, Bets are accepted up to the off-time of the event or a pre-determined time, whichever is earlier. However, MutGenie may allow a grace period for some sporting events during which Bets will be accepted but we reserve the right to void any or all Bets should we think there has been a significant development in the event prior to placement or purported placement. MutGenie reserves the right to void any Bet accepted in error after the betting has closed or where the event was resolved or at a stage where the customer could have an indication of the outcome.

1.11. MutGenie reserves the right to void any or all Bets made by, any group of people acting in conjunction with each other, or any individual acting alone, in an attempt to defraud MutGenie.

1.11.1 MutGenie reserves the right to amend any odds as seen fit, when prices that are deemed as errors are being corrected. All bets placed on these odds will become void and stakes will be returned.

1.12. Not all participants are quoted in every event. However, a price is available for almost all entries or outcomes in any event. If you wish to bet on an unnamed selection, please contact one of our Customer Support agents or e-mail us and we will endeavour to add this selection to the market.

MutGenie may, at its sole discretion and without any requirement to give reasons, exclude any customer from the Services generally or from receiving selected promotions (e.g. guaranteed best price; bonuses; free bets; enhanced prices; and money-back specials) and any other promotions and offers introduced by us from time to time.

1.14. In the event of there being a dispute over the time at which a Bet was placed or whether a Bet has been placed, then the time at which it was recorded (if recorded) on the transactional log will govern settlement. If an attempted bet was not recorded on the transactional log, no Bet shall be deemed to have been placed. You should check your Account balance each time you visit the Websites.

1.15. It is a condition of our acceptance of Bets from you, and by offering to place a Bet with us you represent and warrant, that:

1.15.1. you are not prohibited from entering into the Bet by any term of your contract of employment, these Terms of Use or any rule of a sport governing body which applies to you; and

1.15.2. where the Bet is placed on the outcome of a race, competition or other event or process or on the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring ("the event"), you do not know the outcome of the event.

1.16. In the event of any representation made by you in Clause 8.18 proving to be false, your stake will be forfeited and we shall not be obliged to pay any winnings which might otherwise have been payable in respect of the Bet.

1.17. Without restricting our ability to rely on other remedies that may be available to us, we may suspend or terminate your Account and/or cancel any Bets placed by you at our absolute discretion if:

1.17.1. We suspect that you:

i. are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity while using our Services;

ii. are breaching any term of these Terms of Use, including the Betting Rules;

iii. are taking unfair advantage over us or any other player or are otherwise acting in an unfair manner

1.18. All football/soccer match available on our website account for 90 minutes of play unless stated otherwise.

1.19. For any match or betting option on our website, if there are odds available for the match to Draw, the result will be settled after Normal Time. For football/soccer/NBA/NHL, this means that the Extra Time/Over Time/Penalties result is NOT included in the bet, unless stated otherwise.